Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aion 2.5 important changes, and Patch Aion 3.0 is preparing.

Aion 2.5 is on the horizon as it is pushed onto the Korean Test servers. With this update, the game is prepared to take on its next update which will be Aion 3.0.

The test server launch of Aion 2.5 not only made an impact for the test server but the main servers as well as Aion Korea celebrates its 43rd server!

Before we start, I'd like to give you all a glimpse into 2.5 with the following trailer that was shown to the press on January 4th, 2010.

I also would like to note that the imagery I will present will be coming from Aion's Powerwiki
Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy my writing as I take you on a flight through the important changes of Patch Aion 2.5

To start things off.. above you seen a beautiful Aion banner that will be used to represent 2.5. That wasn't the only thing that got chanegd in the start up of Aion 2.5. The character creation screen also got revamped for the second time!

And to push this even further, the creation options itself now supply even more options for you to choose from.

Also, new faces and hair have been added. Below are the provided examples

Personally I think a lot of them look pretty awesome. Though the new ones with the big eyes kind of remind me of those anime figures that you can buy lols.

However, by simply looking at that, you realize how much more impressive the graphic engine has become. Aion 2.5 will also feature an option for players with capable graphic cards to use a higher quality option.

As you can see from the picture from above, the Aion world looks even more clearer and more beautiful. The two pictures on the left feature Sanctum, the capital city of Elysea and Poeta, the beginner city for the Elyos race. On the right, I recognize a more beautiful version of Pandaenomium and under it I could only assume it would be Ishalgen (though I'm probably wrong. I've never played an Asmodian )

Two important things of this expansion I can't avoid pointing are the legion and pets. First of all legions finally get some change. The legion can be expanded up to level 5 now with new items in the shop. Also members can now have a more different variety in positions asside from being, legionary, centurion, and brigade general.

The most notable aspect of the legion change is of course the capes.

On the picture above, the left side is the legion capes for Asmodians and the right side being the capes for the Elyos.

In 2.5, the capes have changed to the pictures shown below.

The pictures above actually show something beyond the new capes, it shows how the default capes will actually look like from now on. The left being the Elyos design and the right being Asmodian. Both capes have grown in size and length and the Asmodians no longer bare a one sided cape.

Continuing on, the pets have also received an upgrade. Pets now interact more and are rather more helpful. You can gain free gifts from pets for keeping them happy and by interacting with them.

Also, besides that, pets also now have the function of automatically picking up nearby items as well as using items for you. When you use these skills, your pet will glow. It glows an orangish color when using items for you and blue when picking up items as shown below.

The world map has also gotten a major graphical overall as it has more functions that work alongside quests and a new display. Unlike the old map, the new version no longer looks like a scroll or piece of aged paper with a map drawn on it, the new map is rather detailed and shows physical structure of the land. Below are two pictures

I'm not quite sure what the top one shows but I can say that the bottom one is the Asmodian territory in Balaurea known as Gelkmaros.

Now to wrap things up, I would like to conclude with the two new instances in Aion 2.5. Why we can't have such a major update on Aion without new instances so here they are. Though these new instances aren't exactly meant for level 55, they seem rather fun and just out there for the fun.

The first one is known as Araka. The basic story focuses on the farm, Araka and how it provides Drana to Tiamat's territory. Your mission is to go there and stop the flow of Drana from the farm.

The second one is the Academy Bootcamp. You might have noticed this instance if you had watched the video I provided above. The bootcamp was opened up because there weren't exactly positive results in attacking Balaurea, the camp is now opened to train and prepare Daevas for future combat. You will need to fight your way through monsters as they enter the arena. Each round becoming harder and harder. The test will be to see how long you can survive and will you make it to the end!

Both instances are for levels 50 plus and has 22 hour cool down.

Well I hope you enjoyed this. Though there are many more changes, I have listed the ones that I believe were the most notable so feel free to visit the powerwiki page I provided above to get even more info about this amazing patch that will help set the stage into 3.0!